How to order

waiting list

I try to have keyless D-flutes of the different models in stock, so there is normally no waiting list for them. For keyed instruments, contact me, waiting time is about one year. If you have no instrument yet, you can have a keyless flute until the keyed instrument is ready.

The order

When you want to order a flute, please contact me by phone or mail. You will be asked for several specifications:

  1. The pitch of the flute: D is standard
  2. The type of D flute (for the other pitches I only make one model): Standard, Pratten or Rudall&Rose
  3. The amount of keys you want: zero keys is standard if nothing else is specified
  4. Other special options or wishes, for example:
    • boxwood instead of African blackwood
    • a sterling silver lined headjoint
    • extra keys, f.i. a double Bb key
    • a non-standard embouchure ( small, large, more oval, square, etc)
    • left handed flute
    • anything else
  5. Do you want an instrument case? A case comes free with a flute with six or more keys.
  6. If you order keys:

  7. Specify if you want them block- or pin-mounted (pin-mounted is standard on Pratten flutes, block-mounted on Rudall & Rose and Standard model)
  8. If you order a 6 or 8 key flute, do you want the “Superior model”?
  9. If you order an 8 key flute, specify the kind of C-foot you want
  10. Whether you'd like a left handed flute or not

You will be asked to send a deposit of 20% to confirm the order, unless the instrument you wish is in stock

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